Rocker Fit is a personal training and overall fitness company specializing in every type of body transformation.  From fat loss, lean muscle gain, strength, explosiveness, endurance, flexibility, functional training, overall health to rocking out in front of a raging crowd, Rocker Fit has you covered!

Owner Chris Luca, with his 16 years of experience in the fitness industry and his multiple certifications (AFPA, NASM) guides and motivates you to achieve any and all fitness goals.  Rocker Fit is about providing you with the knowledge to succeed and being there by your side step by step, supporting and motivating you to accomplish your specific fitness and health goals.

Having previously worked at Crunch Fitness in Hollywood as an Elite personal trainer for many years and being promoted to the Assistant Training Manager, Chris has been successful in the corporate gym/training method.  He’s utilized the wealth of knowledge gained throughout his fitness career as well as his other life passion, music, to create a style different from your standard Hollywood generic trainer. You know, the one that pops up as a sponsored Instagram/Facebook ad and is flexing towards the beach…lol.

Like many of you in Hollywood, Chris has a multitude of passions in his life and has combined the two things he loves the most, fitness and music, to create this very diverse fitness company. In preparing his own body to maximize his performance he has developed specific programs that are effective not only on stage, but in every aspect of life. His notoriety as a very physical front man as well as his prowess and reputation as a personal trainer has allowed him the opportunity to train and develop programs for well-known artists throughout the years getting them ready to perform at the highest level.

Why choose us?

Rocker Fit is an all-encompassing fitness company that caters to every age, gender, and level of fitness.  Our motto is “Fit for Fame, Functional For Life!”